But it's just a photo booth...

September 16, 2016

But it’s just a photo booth…

“But it’s just a  photo booth”… This is what we hear all of the time. It’s funny because to me and my wife, it’s more than just a photo booth.  This is an opportunity for us to capture life’s moments of laughter, togetherness, and family. Our slogan “Capture Life in a Flash” is exactly what we want. Capturing those moments in front of a camera.


We love what we do and the service that we provide for all of our customers and their guests. Anyone can sit in an enclosed booth and take a few funny pictures.  But we want our guests to have more than that. We want them to have an experience of interacting and having fun with friends and family. We also interact with our guests to make the “photo booth” experience even better.  For example, when we have a small toddler at an event,  all they want to do is be like the grown-ups and take pictures. Seeing that child laugh and have fun while interacting with them, gives us that feeling of that we are more than just a photo booth. Just like at home when we are preparing for our next event, our boys love to be part of the action and show each other their pictures.


We value our company and the memorable photos that we are able to provide. Recently, we were asked to provide our photo booth for a fundraiser whose family member is fighting cancer. After all the family has been through, we were able to capture a  happy, lasting memory that they will always treasure.   That moment gave us a feeling that we were more than just a photo booth.  At the event, everyone loved our set up, our props, and the picture quality. From toddlers to elderly and State Troopers to Clergy, many were able to partake in snapping a few photos through our booth. See, to the normal person, it’s just taking fun pictures but to our company, it’s about preserving and creating long-lasting memories in a photo. 


 That is why we love what we do and these are all the reasons why we are not "just a photo booth."


"A family that photo booths together, stays together!"-RP



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